What Women Are Saying

We love following all the great thinking you champion, as it’s always a pleasure to work with people who are constantly seeking new knowledge.
— Lindsay McGregor, CEO of Vega Group and co-author of Primed To Perform

Carrie is highly respected by her colleagues for her genuine and caring interactions in business. She’s a rare kind in that she makes everyone feel valued and appreciated. Add to this an incredible breadth and depth of channel knowledge that she’s glad to share with all,

It has been my pleasure to work side-by-side with Carrie... She’s coached, led, contributed and supported my team’s initiatives, for which we are very grateful! I can’t recommend her enough.

Annie Neubrech,
COO SAP SuccessFactors


Thank you for all of the lessons you have provided to us, all of the open forums for women you have put into place… just everything!

I have learned a lot from you, and please know that you have changed the culture here at Samsung. You certainly have given us all the opportunity to shine and be our best.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and for all women here at Samsung.

Sara Grofcsik,